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Memorial Hermann Health System


Training front line providers to practice self-care

Mah is an Endoscopy RN and a trainer for other clinical staff at Memorial Hermann. At the recent skills validation event hosted by the clinical education team, she provided some guidance for front line staff on taking care of themselves while they care for others.

Self-care is basically self-love. There’s nothing selfish about taking time to care for your mind, emotions, and body. There are times when we don't even realize that we have run out of steam and need a fill up. It's important to know ahead of time, before we feel depleted, what those things in life are that feed our souls, that make the heart sing, that put us in a positive mental state. Balance begins in the mind."

"Our thoughts are a powerful force of creation that we often forget about. The images, words, stories, and random ideas in our minds that cause us to dream and visualize, also have the power to attract similar thoughts and elements into our lives. We get to choose our attitude in any circumstance, including times of uncertainty like the present COVID-19 pandemic. We get to choose how we show up in the world, and an attitude of gratitude and love will help us win anything life throws at us."